About us

Hey Thanks for coming on the site its taken me a long time to get this to where it is at today, so I appreciate your visit as it would have been a big waste of time and money making this site if no one is bothering to check it out!

This website will showcase the Very Best of Dubai, Showing you the best places to eat, best places to beautify yourself, best places to have fun and best places to party!I will also be sharing my wisdom and knowledge I have accumulated over the last 10 years in sales and marketing to help you with your own business.

If you are looking for a second income stream, I highly recommend checking out my stock trading section and visiting my stock trading website www.atrgtrading.com There you will find a ton of free videos on how to get started stock trading.

If you want to personally work with me contact me on my personal email address [email protected] with Subject ASK THE RIGHT GUY.




Who am I?

David Go’shay¬†founder of Asktherightguy.com , Marketing and Sales Expert, Managing Director of Go’shay Trading, Entrepreneur, business man. Built up a brand from zero to being one of the top selling cosmetic brands in the Middle East in just short of 6 months through social media marketing and sales. I have travelled all over the world and spent thousands of dolors learning from all the top marketers and sales coaches in the world, taken bits from each and creating my own method using only the best of everyone. This strategy I have used in creating successful brands that sell.