Stock Trading 101 Course

After the first session you will leave with all the above and having picked your stocks you will focus on and we will meet the week after with the class to see how your trades went and what profits you made, this will be a feedback session for you to show you either how well your doing, or what you need to work on more. This is important, i’m not just teaching you and leaving you do your thing, I want and need you to be successful this is good for me as the more successful traders i have the better for me as a coach, thats why I need only dedicated positive individuals who want to do the course.


Another Key thing which I think is amazing  and I wish I had this when i first started, is each student of mine, I will add on my daily watch lists group and you will get a whats app msg in real time when a stock is on the move to buy. BASICALLY I TELL YOU WHEN A STOCK IS GOOD TO TRADE TO MAKE PROFITS. I do all the hard work for you in baby talk.