AlMashawi Alhalabya May 11, 2020

The real establishment of AlMashawi AlHalabya happened 400 years ago
by our great grandfathers, where they passed on the experiences in the field of meat recipes.

This expertise helped us to grow what we are now.

AlMashawi AlHalabya Cafeteria was opened in Sharjah – UAE in 2012.
Because of our service quality and hard work, we expanded our business by opening AlMashawi AlHalabya Restaurant in the year of 2015 in the Emirate of Sharjah on a large area to meet the growing demand for our unique and distinctive dishes.

Based on the requests of our valued customers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the Eastern Emirates to open new branches of our restaurant, the AlMashawi AlHalabya in Dubai came to culminate our continued success over the years and to meet the need for expansion.

We use Al Naimi Lamb, which is known for its high quality and distinctive taste. It is slaughtered daily in the Emirate of Sharjah according to the standards of health and food safety. We also own and manage our own livestock farm to provide our restaurants and meat shops with fresh meat daily.

Our vision at AlMashawi AlHalabya restaurants is to offer famous dishes in a sophisticated and distinctive style and to help spread our taste of the ancient kitchen and deliver it all over the world. Our most important goal at AlMashawi AlHalabya Restaurants is our dedication to serve our valued customers and ensure their satisfaction and loyalty.

As the plan since the establishment of the first branch of AlMashawi AlHalabya restaurants, we have always taken into account the elements of originality and perfection in our dishes. We have maintained the identity of the Aleppan cuisine in all aspects, both in the menu as well as in the atmosphere and decorations seen in our restaurants.

We have been keen to directly supervise the quality of meat served in our restaurants by establishing a livestock farm to provide our restaurants with fresh meat daily.

Perhaps one of the most important factors of our success over the years is our commitment to work with our hands and rely on our expertise in the preparation of food. Our beloved family members are working to prepare, seasoning, and grilling all varieties of meat and kebabs provided in our restaurants.

We regularly supervise the proper functioning of the kitchen to improve the quality of dishes and customer satisfaction.

Telephone: 042226660