How restaurants can overcome this pandemic May 14, 2020

If your struggling with your restaurant business because no one is coming in take a note pad and begin to take notes I’m going to show you how you can survive.

Restaurant businesses on a whole are running on the slimmest of margins so anything you can do right now to help will help!

So what’s the first thing you can do to survive this pandemic:

1. Creating a delivery only menu
You need a custom menu simply for delivery only because if you use the exact menu you have for eating in, imagine if someone orders the drench fries and by the time it gets delivered its all soggy and ruined. Guess what, they go straight on your social media page and write a bad review killing any credibility to your business! SO YOU DON’T WANT THAT!

So simply create a delivery only menu so that with a maximum delivery of 30 minutes you can guarantee the quality will still be there for your customers.

Things to take into consideration when thinking what to add on your delivery menu:

– Does it travel well?
– Still Taste good if its cooled down
– Items that compliment each other
– Quick to make a good healthy margin.

2. Be on a third party delivery app website, you need to sign up to them because customers may see your business and order… MAY…

3. Have your own delivery system and to waive all delivery charges. Signing up to these third party apps can take some weeks so you don’t want to just sit back and wait, you want to take initiative and take action. So create your own delivery system that way people can still order from your restaurant and enjoy their meal.

4. Leverage social media and email marketing
A lot of businesses are under utilizing these platforms because they don’t know what to post, or share and most of them don’t know what to do! So now is the time to hire a professional to look after your marketing and advertising and now is the time to use your social media to get customers knowing about your business. Share with your customers what you are up to, share the delivery only menu, share with them the fact that you have free delivery. That itself will be able to spike people coming into your restaurant.

5. Have gift cards at a discount, your customers and the community know that your restaurant is feeling pain so they will want to support there local businesses with an incentive to support them. So have gift cards available and ask people on your social media by posting that you will be sharing a 300aed gift card for 250aed if customers want to support you as a business and make sure you are still around until this covid19 blows by so they can support you by purchasing now.
This strategy has been proven to be effective if you have a loyal community and engaged customers on social media. If you haven’t you need to hire a professional to make sure your community is engaged in times like this.

I wish you all the best of luck if you have any questions contact me ill be happy to give my advice!

Let me hold your hand every step of the way and Let’s work together on your marketing and sales!

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