How to get your customers attention May 12, 2020

According to statistics I only have 4 seconds to convince you to read this article so here we Go…1….2….THREEEEEEE WAHHHHHHHHHHHH OMGGGGGGGG LOL HEHHEE OMGGGG

This works better on a video….No I’m not crazy…But  Do I have your attention now?

Today we are going to be teaching an important lesson and why its ok to be an ATTENTION SEEKER!… SELFIIIIEEEEE TIME!!! ok let me calm down…

So the reason why attention is necessary to build a great business, is because if people don’t know you exists they can’t buy from you! Do we both agree?

So don’t be the worlds best kept secret business because that would be your bank accounts worst nightmare!

Ok lets get started how to get your customers attention!


So you need attention for everything for example, someone has to open up your emails so in the subject line you have to GRAB their attention! If you don’t those emails your sending…they probably living in the trash right now….sorry!

Paid Advertisements:

If you need someone to click on your paid advertisements, or if you have a landing page or website, then you want people to see it RIGHT? So it needs to get someone’s attention using advertisements to get the customer to go there!

Physical Store:

If you have a physical store which I don’t recommend in this day and age, But if you have one and you need a customer to come into your store…GUESS WHAT  YOU NEED ATTENTION!!!

A   T   T   E   N   T   I   O   N

Honestly you need attention for anything, so if you want to start selling something and the people you are wanting to sell to don’t know you exist your screwed! So today I’m going to give you some helpful ways to get your audiences ATTENTION.

So a couple fantastic ways to get your audiences attention when advertising are:


Asking a question is a great way to get your audiences attention because automatically within our brains we are programmed to have to answer it or at least think of the answer in our mind. Like right now let me ask you a question! WHEN’S THE LAST TIE YOU VISIT THE BATHROOM? … See you thought about it, even thou you didn’t want to think about it, you thought about the last time you went to the bathroom! NO ITS NOT A MAGIC TRICK ITS SIMPLE PSYCHOLOGY!



See the last one kind of had both,  when did you go to the bathroom?  it stopped you in your tracks and got you thinking wait what happened, what did he ask me…

BUT something’s that’s a bit more relatable is Donald trump right now is doing a fantastic job. donald trumpYou see saying or doing something that creates shock factor will allow Media and people to not stop talking about you.

Let me tell you how attention works, you get someone’s attention and then you will get criticism, people will hate on you and then at some point in time that criticism will turn into admiration, look at the Kardashian they got on TV  everyone hated them now everyone loves them!

What’s next…


Did you say… YES i did,  Yes sex sells! It’s the oldest marketing trick in the book, anything that has an image or video and makes you think ohhhh, it always gets somebody’s attention, its kind of trashy, I don’t recommend it,  but I understand the reasoning behind some brands using it. So if you are selling a fragrance for example its not a bad idea…



This is basically making an outlandish crazy statement for example man jumps from space onto a motorcycle, he then pops a wheelie into the ocean gets eaten by sharks and then gets spit back out and SURVIVES! …Want to know how? click this link…

See just like that ATTENTION. See people are so used to hearing normal conversations but when you break someone’s cycle and they hear something outlandish you capture their attention.

So you need to be a master of this skill set! Because when you do, you can take something random like any of the above marketing strategies to get your customers attention and then being able to deliver value  to them afterwards.

Last but not least is:


Silly, Crazy, No way, Is this Real Deals!

Don’t believe me, Look at Groupon for example they got huge because they keep giving these huge price breaks on things! So if you want get peoples attention, sell something really great and expensive for cheap and you will definitely get someone’s attention! Its not really groundbreaking but it can be huge if you use social media marketing and if you understand that you can give something away for free or cheap so that you can get those same people buying something later on!…

Once you understand that simple principle ,then you my friend just understood the KEYS TO MARKETING

Let me hold your hand every step of the way and Let’s work together on your marketing and sales!

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