Great ways to learn stock trading August 2, 2015

New budding stock traders taken their first steps towards learning have a wide array of tools they can use to hone in their skills to develop strategies in making some winning profitable trades.

One of the questions newbies will be asking is how do I get started?

1. Trading Platform

Finding a trading platform or broker is key, it took me forever finding a good one, then you must familiarise yourself with the layout and tools which can take months.

2. Book Reading

Booking provide loads of information, you must see stock trading as a new education, and you must keep reading to be in with all the news regarding the markets.

3. Reading Articles

You must be reading articles daily to give yourself the edge in the market in knowing whats happening with the market and whats happening with companies.

4. Find a mentor

A mentor could be someone you or someone you don’t ¬†fundamentally they must have shown a clear understanding of the stock market and have actually made money from it. You don’t want to be coached by someone who has never set foot in the market ever.

5. Follow the market

Checking out news sites and TV channels, as they serve a great resource for new ideas for investing, by reading the headlines each day you can see new trends and make predictions based on those resources you are using.

6. Classes and Coaching

In anything in life you must study, learn and have a coach to be the best you can be, classes will focus on certain areas on trading and will serve as a good foundation for you if you are seriously considering learning stock trading.

7. Buy Stocks

Without trying you won’t learn, however be careful of falling in similar traps as most losers ¬†and losing all your money too quickly, remember your only as strong as the amount of money you have to trade with.

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