Stock trading for beginners August 2, 2015


Everyone needs a place to start, their is so much information out there it is pretty hard to figure out where do you begin. No one wants to start stock trading to lose money, you want to actually make it thats the whole point.  I’ve said this many times and I will say it again, to learn stock trading is like going back to school, its not a sprint to profit making is is a marathan. You must pay your dues like everyone else and educate yourself from the ground upwards. There is no fast way to getting rich, so you can kiss goodbye to those get rich quick schemes if you thought learning stock trading was.

It’s taken me around 18 months of trading and educating myself, even today i’m learning, every day you learn something new, i’ve made loads of money and lost loads of money in the beginning. Each loss unfortunately for me turned into a great learning experience and was something i was able to take with me into building my road map in having consistent profits through trading.



You don’t need a degree in maths or finance to start stock trading thank god, otherwise this would have been me out of trading as i sucked at this! I was so bad at maths and any form of finance my parents actually had to hire a private tutor for me to actually just get extra tuition after schooling. And only then I scrapped a C in school!

The best way to truly learn and not lose all your money is by learning from someone who you want to be like, someone whose making money whose been their and done it. There is so many people claiming to make money and teach however there’s never proof from them, they never show it, thats why when I started to get good and got people interested in asking me to teach them i didn’t want to leave any doubters thats why i decided to show my loses and my many winning trades to be real to show you anyone can do this if they put their mind together in the right frame of mind, anyone can learn and profit from being a trader just like me.

So taken the time and investing in yourself and in your own personal education is a must if you are serious about generating an additional income stream and having stock trading as an extra income for yourself in the future.



Once you have opened up your trading account, and trust me when i say this, their are many fake and scam accounts out their, i’ve been scammed on my very first trading account, i lost a lot of money because my second trading account decided to freeze and their site went down for 1 hour at the worst possible time. And the recent account I am using is by far the best in the world i only wish i known about it sooner! Anyway once you open up your account you need to deposit money into it to actually start trading with, this might be a no brainer, but don’t put all your life saving’s into it at the beginning because as your new even with coaching from me, you may still do a stupid mistake and end up losing the whole amount. Therefore I suggest depositing weekly or monthly small amounts into your trading account.


The longer you put off learning this, the longer time you are missing out on actually making money! I wish I had started learning this at 18, why this wasn’t taught in school when i was a kid, this would have been the best form of education i’d have enjoyed doing. Who doesn’t like making money!  Maybe I will do this one day who knows, but the fact is you must decide right now do you want to do this or not, if your thinking Ohhh I don’y know, then chances are this is not for you, as that attitude and mindset will cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in your trading account. To be a good trader you must be confident and make decisions quickly the longer you leave, the more chance you will lose money. And honestly anyone who wants to learn I don’t mind teaching and helping them but i just want honest focussed individuals, i don’t have time for weak individuals who don’t know what they want in life. I may sound harsh however there is a lesson in this and the ones who read this and decide not to pursue stock trading are the ones i’m saving them losing all their money. The stock market is a harsh place and has no room for weak people, it will eat you up and eat all your money in seconds without any remorse.

And Remember Keep practicing, I started learning 18 months ago, i lost loads of money and made loads of mistakes, i learnt from these and developed a strategy that have seen me profiting the last 9 months consistently. I went from 10k to over 100k twice! It can be done No Bull****

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