How to do Stock market research August 2, 2015



This Sounds complicated and quite frankly it is…at the very beginning, it takes a lot to get your head round it, but it’s a must and key component in being a successful trader, and what do i mean by successful, is someone actually making profits.

It can be exhausting but is really an effective way of market research for any stock you are thinking about trading, it is one of the most vital components in determining whether you buy or sell a stock. It may seem tedious but uncovering essential information about a company is not hard at all these days with so much information available to you through the internet.

So with all this information at hand, you can get overwhelmed and think to yourself where do you begin and what do you start looking for.


With this you will be able to find and review essential information on the current economic market conditions and get vital knowledge. After you have done this, you can identify the companies that are performing really well or really poor. After you picked what company you would like to invest in, you will have to do some in depth research and analysis about them.


You can find these from Channels and websites, they are usually from experienced stock analyst’s who have stock recommendations, these are people that are experts in certain fields who make predictions about a companies future performance whether they will be going up or down. However they are just opinions and therefore the final decision should be based on all your homework and not solely just on their recommendation.


Checking a companies financials which include their balance sheets, and cash flows on both quarterly and annual basis is another key component you need to be be checking. With this key information you will be able to evaluate where the company is going in it’s performance in the future.


They say the best opinions on something is usually through word of mouth and this is definitely the truth when it comes to figuring which stock to buy or sell. Customer reviews or opinions about the company you are interested in could be the deciding factor on what your next move should be.


News channels and articles on a company are keys in deciding what will happen with a  companies stock, you must always be looking out and regularly scanning for breaking news.


At the end of the day, after all your research has been done, you will have a much cleared understanding of what does the company do, whether their latest annual profit reports are showing a increase or decrease in performance and evidently being the deciding factor on what your next move will be.