Why customers don’t buy April 8, 2020

Businesses usually lack in two key areas of business:

A) Marketing ( Introducing your business to the world) 


B) Sales (closing a deal)

So whether you will be using influencing strategies or negotiations or whatever it might be and know before you even start what your OUTCOME is and have a clearly structure on where you start to where you finish… the SALE.

A couple of things every good salesman needs is:

  1. TONALITY ( to gain rapport) and how you actually use that rapport to gather intelligence. How to ask very specific questions starting with really big ones to slowly getting more specific to really identify what your prospects core needs are! See once you know someones needs thats when you can really develop a strategy to fulfilling those needs. Its a lot better to do this versus the salesman whose a pitfall salesman that wants to close close close no matter what, without having the empathy for what the client really wants.

The three things that are key and must line up perfectly to get a customer to buy are:

A) The customer absolutely loves your product

B) They absolutely trust and connect with you

C) They trust and connect with your company

When those three elements line up perfectly and you ask for the sale believe me you will see magic happen!

See most of the time what a salesman doesn’t do is they leave one of those things out and because of that they keep banging there head against the wall wondering why they didn’t get the sale! and in actuality the truth is they just left one of the key things out from there sales structure. 

Sometimes you may even highlight these key points to a customer but you will find theres still something holding  the customer back from taken decisive action and that has something to do with a customers LIMITING BUYING BELIEFS. Those lie in all of us and they are unconscious mind telling us in the back of our head, don’t take action now, don’t buy, it might be some bad experience they faced in the past and a number of other reasons.

And these limiting buying belief are killers to salesmen closing! 

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