Why wait! Make sales now with Coupon Marketing May 11, 2020

Every business regardless of an isolation or quarantine, needs to be making new customers be aware of there business. That it exists, its still open and hasn’t closed down. They need to be Generating sales through there products or services, bringing more customers on board, building up their positive reviews on social media, still keeping their customer service high! All this doesn’t stop!

Now more than ever business owners and businesses need to increase there marketing and advertising even more! And I’m going to share with you a creative way businesses right now can continue to still sell, making new customers and making sales during this period.

Ok your business is shut, you can’t have customers walking in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still sell. What do I mean by that?


A salon/clinic/beauty spa: You have no physical venue open, you are unable to do home services… WHY ARE YOU NOT PUMPING YOUR ADVERTISEMENTS and Selling those services at a discounted price in a form of a COUPON!?…You can thank me later for this idea.

Every product or service can still be bought now, just by being more creative with how you are doing things. And guess what, when everything slowly goes back to how it once was, your business has already been making money during this period and you have a rush of customers already waiting to use your business.

PLUS! that’s when you are able to UPSELL them additional products or services.

Hey Salon owners, clinics anyone in the beauty and health industry! I’m talking to you! Do you think a female coming in from weeks of not doing hair nails is not going to want to have her hair done, or her skin done, or her waxing done? The list is endless!

Advertising these will keep your brand and business active, it will generate you sales which is what you need now. It will keep customers loyal as you are giving back to them and make everyone happy, your customers happy they are getting a discount coupon on things they purchase already. Will make you happy because you have enough money to keep your business running and pay ret and salaries. And lastly it will keep your staff happy because they see customers and money coming in and don’t have to stress and worry that they wont have a job to feed their families next month. So the overall morale in the business will be high.

You’re probably thinking that’s a great idea How do I set all this up? Well here’s what you need:

  1. Website Ecommerce (recommended) or a way to collect payments up front (Cash on delivery or credit card machine)
  1. Customized coupon design, that’s attractive to the customer’s eye and visually appealing with full details of the service including date of usage etc
  1. Custom designed landing page to gather customer’s details for coupon promotion.
  1. A mobile phone to contact customers using a proven sales script to close and upsell customers.
  1. A current database of your existing customers and/or a DATABASE of proven targeted customers who buy cosmetics, or beauty related products and services at high end prices.
  1. Social media channels with quality professional looking posts that builds trust and credibility.
  1. Your Business has high rated Reviews on google reviews and social media, as no one wants to buy from a business that has a low rating or bad customer comments.
  1. Most people watch video compared to an image, that’s why having a professional edited video of your advertisement is needed in addition to high quality imagery.
  1. A marketing advertisement campaign strategy hyper targeting your exact customer base. This is where most companies go wrong and they either try and do it themselves or hire someone at a ridiculous low salary and wonder why they are not getting results from social media marketing. There is no point in boosting posts to people that simply are not interested or cannot afford your products or services.
  1. Lastly a follow up and sales process. To close leads and prospects. Without a good sales process, you can have the best marketing in the world and it will all be defeated with a bad sale.

Now you can’t pick and choose, having one over the other. You need all this together to be able to start making money from coupon selling.

Oh I can just do this and I don’t need that and …NOOO STOP! Don’t change or alter the process, because when it doesn’t work you will blame the process when you should be blaming yourself USER ERROR.

You want to do this but Its too much work, you don’t know where to start or where do you go…

Luckily for you I been in this beauty and cosmetic industry for over 8 years, some of you may know me, my name is David Go’shay, some of you may even know of the brand I brought to the UAE that I was the distributor of. I made it famous all over the middle east in a short period of time, even had it as one of the top selling products in the UAE. I did all this from years of studying marketing and advertising, the psychology of sales and persuasion and I learn al this from some of the best in the world coaches. I literally travelled all over the world and invested in myself to learn this. I literally spent 10’s of thousands on seminars and coaching to have the skillset I have today. And spent even more 10’s of thousands on actually doing the strategies’ I’ve learnt for my own businesses and clients and made a lot of money.

So I know this works!

Now, is the time to really give back. As we need all businesses to keep running and staying open to help with the economy and the world in general needs the same. We need customers for businesses. Businesses needs customers. Without either or its bad news for everyone.

So if you want me to help you and do all this I can. I already have the sales and marketing infrastructure to simply plug in your business to. I have all the proven sales scripts to that I can customize for your business for you to not only spot a good opportunity to sell but also keep you on the straight line of a structured sale so you don’t say the wrong things to lose a sale. I will create you multiple advertisement campaigns for image and video as we both know, men are different to women, how I was thinking at 21 years old is different to how I’m thinking at 31 years old, so all advertisements have to be different for every single audience, that’s where most people go wrong when doing social media marketing correctly… they just don’t do it and blame facebook when its actually a users fault.

Once I have the advertisements running I will continuously optimize them so the cost for you getting a potential customer is very low. Most business owners do not understand this algorithm and that’s what makes them waste money doing marketing all wrong!

I will do custom social media posts for you with full branding and color theme so that when customers go on your social media they get instant creditability be seeing your social media looking professional. Your social media and how you look is now your new business card and what people that don’t know your business judges.

I will bump up your reviews by contacting your existing customers, we know exactly the algorithm needed to change a negative rating of your business and change it to a positive one. Imagine the impact that could have on your sales alone!

I will do all this and more, if your interested in me helping you and explaining it in more detail contact me.

Oh David, I knew there was a catch and you were trying to sell me something… Hey I just give you a product that I would normally sell for thousands, all for FREE, to help you.

Now I understand this is not in your field of expertise, If I wanted a house built id seek an engineer, if I wanted a good body, id find a personal trainer, if I had some legal issues, id search for a lawyer, all this is paid for because we pay for not only quality, but we pay to not have headache, and freedom for us to focus on things we are good at, and not things we are not good at.

Now, I’m good at marketing sales and advertising, it’s a passion I actually enjoy it, its fun for me. To you guys it might be a chore, a headache, complicated, too much to learn, no time.

Well David, if you really wanted to help why not help me for free? …hey everyone has bills to pay, families to feed. And there’s costs and fees to actually setting up your business ready to get customers and sales.

This is your business, you chose to open a business, you need to have a marketing, advertising and sales structure in place. You can have the best business product, service in the world but without anyone knowing about it what’s the point.

Oh you work from referrals ONLY… ONLY… Do you not want to scale your business, or are you happy as you currently just staying consistent not going in an  upwards trajectory and living in hope that the same customers keep coming back.

What I will promise, is I will do all the marketing and advertising work.  At this point in time, I understand businesses are struggling, so I will do the work, at an affordable price for everyone, is that fair?

AND in the future after your getting results, YOU PROMISE ME, we will sit down and I’m confident, that you will want to keep me working with you, that you will naturally just give me more money for all the work I’m doing, that you feel is fair.

See I like to give more value than take, I like to earn my business. I want you to feel that all I’m doing for you at this price, is basically you just stealing from me.

Let me hold your hand every step of the way and Let’s work together on your marketing and sales!

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