5 killer steps on How do to sell correctly to a customer on the phone? May 11, 2020

I don’t care what type of business you are in; in life you must know this fundamental key skill.

Whether you’re the owner or manager and its selling your team on the vison of where you want to take your business this year.

Or your staff and your selling to a customer.

Or maybe its you selling yourself correctly as an individual in the world.

So if you’re not using the phone and only emails or social media, you are SERIOUSLY LEAVING MONEY on the table and you must optimize your sales process IMMEDIATELY.

So here are some killer tips I’ve used in my own businesses of how to sell:

  1. Gage awareness

The first thing you should do when you get on the phone is to gage the scope of a particular phone call. First is your customer available to talk RIGHT NO! Don’t start with your conversation if your customer is not FREE and AVAILABLE NOW.

Ask about there business, learn about your customer. If you start selling to a customer and you don’t understand what their needs are in particular you are maybe wasting your time.

Car dealerships do this all wrong all the time! You might have gone to a car dealership and the sales guy is so eager to make a sale he pops open the hood and talks about the power of the engine the speed, the rpm’s and all that … and you as a customer only wanted a comfortable car, with a good air conditioner and maybe a nice radio with FM1 and FM2, and you are then sold out of a reason, to buying a car right?

So you must investigate and know your customers pain points, what’s their challenges and why did they express an interest in your business in the first place… because they obviously have a reason that needs to be solved.

  1. If a customer says its too expensive?

Take accountability, you have NOT done your job, because the customer is not seeing the value in your product. To the customer the price exceeded the value.

If I told YOU, lets assume you believe me and there’s 100% trust here. That I will sell you a Ferrari for $10,000 and everyone knows the real value of it that its $250,000, TRUST me the customer will do whatever they have to do to find that money.

  1. Getting payment over the phone

Remember buyers are liars and liars are buyers! There are two types of customers you will meet:

Customer A – They will come on the phone and immediately say “ I just want to talk, I have some questions, I wont be buying today I’m just shopping…”  GUESS WHAT these are the customers who will Buy today!

Customer B – They will say to you things like, I’m ready…i’m ready to do this… GUESS WHAT these are the customers that say to you, GIVE ME SOME TIME…LET ME THINK ABOUT IT…I WILL GET BACK TO YOU!

I’m sure you have met these customers in the past! So what you need to essentially do in the beginning conversation is simply IGNORE what they are saying… DON’T get overly excited because you think you have a hot sale AND don’t get Under excited if you don’t think you do have a sale.

Bring each customer through the same sales process. You dig into the same pain points and you explain how your business is going to solve their problems.

If a customer says they will call you back…GUESS what… They are not coming back.

The ONLY time you should attempt a follow up with some customers is if you HAVE NOT EDUCATED them about your products or services correctly. So you simply follow up with a date and time by simply asking the following key line:

“ If I don’t hear back from you by this time on this date which is the time we have scheduled, WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?”

The WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO line I used so many times and its super powerful. When you ask this to your customer, they will most likely respond with “ oh just keep trying to reach me”


Well that means you just got permission to keep keep contacting them. You’re just doing EXACTLY what the customer asked you to do.

TIP: is Use Text/ What’s app Message for the same follow up as well if you cant reach them over the phone.

BONUS TIP 1: If a customer sees a number they are not recognizing, they are most likely not going to answer it or best yet answer but very abruptly and angrily.

So its very important to firstly advise them which number you will be calling them and even messaging them direct and asking them to save the number. Then when you call or message, you don’t need to start the conversation by identifying yourself.

After all, put yourself in a customer’s shoes, nobody wants to be talking to a stranger.

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