How to Create a landing page for lead capture? May 11, 2020

Lead capture can be the following things:

  • Getting a customer’s information
  • Turning them into a sale

The main emphasis of lead capture is to get a customers details to set up an appointment with, demonstrate your product or service and close the sale.

The psychology behind lead capture is, most people, you yourself might have done it. You’ve gone on a website, there’s a pop up asking you to give them your information email address whatever and they will send you something in return.

Even thou there’s no real monetary cost to giving your personal details, that doesn’t matter. In people’s minds they feel their personal information is a cost.


What are you giving to a customer in return to what your asking them to provide?

So it’s a trade!

You will see Businesses doing it all wrong! They will say put your information here for a free consultation. Thinking the customer is stupid!

Here’s the thing, they are not! Customers know this is basically just a sales pitch, and that free consultation, they could get it anytime they wanted by just ringing up the business, IF THEY WAS SEARCHING FOR THAT PARTICULAR BUSINESS.

But if you have something you can offer them, such as a free report on INSERT YOUR BUSINESS SERVICE FOR EXAMPLE.

You must start thinking what can I offer this ideal customer of mine, that they would want and that I have authority to deliver.


Hers a quick booklet we created with 5 do’s and don’ts (INSERT BUSINESS SERVICE YOUR SELLING) when it comes to selling a (INSERT INDUSTRY).

Here are the 5 things you should consider when selecting a (INSERT INDUSTRY AND SERVICE YOU ARE SELLING)

So there’s no sales pitch there, your just sharing VALUE! You would create a professional ebook and put it together and email it out to a prospect customer ABSOLUTELY FREE by the customer entering the email in your landing page.

That is a lot more likely to capture customer’s details than anything you can say.

Once you added value, you basically did a trade. You got their details, you sent them this high valued product you created, automatically TRUST has gone up.

You can then use their email and do a follow up email with that customer and if you wanted to offer your other services or products you are selling, it is more likely that customer NOW will convert into a sale.

Let me hold your hand every step of the way and Let’s work together on your marketing and sales!

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